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MUDr. Václav Durdil

Applications for patients with heart problems

Communication between doctor and patient is enabled either by chat or video call. A very useful feature is the „automated conversation“. This offers the patient questions that are pre-selected by the doctor himself, and the answers show the most likely diagnosis. The patient will quickly find out what is bothering him and save himself and his doctor time.   Of course, each patient enters details of his or her health status at registration, including previous medical interventions, medications and other necessary information. This way, the doctor always has everything important in one place and knows what he or she is working with.   We have developed the app in web and mobile versions. While developing the web app, our programmers worked with VueJS for the front-end and .NET Core for the back-end. The mobile, which is available on both Apple and Android devices, was created using the Xamarin framework.


Smart garden pumps

We created software for both the GSM module and the mobile app. The microchip in the pump transmits information about the water temperature, the environment, the flow rate, or the pressure to the phone. When connecting the app and the pump, it is necessary to go through a registration process, during which the eSIM must be activated. The pump has several modes. The simplest is the Manual mode. It operates when switched on via the app (or a button on the pump itself). Another option is the Schedule mode, where users can easily pre-set the run times of the pump. The Automatic mode works by pressurizing the pipe when the pump is switched on and then monitoring the pressure drop. If the pressure is too high, it will automatically switch off. Fourth and last is Smart mode, in which the pump detects when to run based on the data from its recent operation. It takes into account the normal schedule, the weather (water vapour from the ground after a rain) or whether the user has used the water outside the normal schedule. Our developers have previously created a mobile app for Einhell to control robotic lawn mowers. Now they have modified it so that the user can add a smart pump as well. The app is very easy to use, its design is clear and intuitive. During its development, our developers worked in the C# coding language and used the Xamarin framework, which allowed them to develop for both Android and iOS.


Mobile and web application for transport company

We developed a web-based application for the dispatch centre. The web app is user-friendly and easy to work with. Thanks to the integration with Google Maps, the location of all the vehicles is visible, so assigning drivers to customers is easier. It is not necessary to handle each order separately. Individual journeys can be merged and it is also possible to work with repeat or return journeys. Our developers worked with .NET for the backend and Vue.js for the frontend when developing this application. The mobile app is developed for drivers and assistants. They will find a list of rides for each day, and by clicking on a specific item they will find all the necessary information including the route. The app is available on Google Play. Xamarin was used to develop it.


Web Application for Contract Management

Our developers created a user-friendly web app that met the client’s requirements. Users now have a clear overview of the necessary data related to individual contracts. They also receive notifications when a contract is about to expire. That enables them to finish everything on time without forgetting important dates. When they click on a specific customer and select their specific brand, they will see a report with all the details and individual campaigns. Overall, the app is very clear and easy to work with. Everything is divided into different sections, so each user can quickly find exactly what they need. When developing the backend, the developers worked with .NET Core and used Vue.js for the frontend.

Poslanecká sněmovna Parlamentu České republiky

European presidency website

The website we created was put to a big test right from the start. As expected, many hacking attempts were made as soon as the site was launched, but none of them were successful. This is thanks to the security measures and layers that protect the site against hackers. We monitor all attacks and the smooth operation of the site.   The project was consulted with the Chamber of Deputies Office team during the development and we gradually modified the look and functions of the site as the client honed their vision. The site is clean, organized and easy to navigate for visitors. This is also true for foreign visitors, who will find all the content in English and French. Anyone can read about what the Presidency entails, get the necessary contacts or check the dates and programme of upcoming events.   We used WordPress for the development of the site and made sure that it is easy to manage for our customers. We structured the administration in such a way that working with the website content is very simple and clear.

Fox & Muse

Web dating app

Our developers developed the Fox & Muse web app. When registering, each user has to enter their passport or ID/driver’s license information, which allows the system to verify their identity. It will also check the user’s criminal record to prevent the registration of people who, for example, have been convicted of sexual harassment, thus guaranteeing the safety of other clients. The registration fee can easily be paid through the Stripe payment gateway, and this also applies to any other payments. In exchange for every dollar spent, the app then credits accounts with loyalty points, which can be further used to buy luxury lingerie for women, whether the lady buys it herself or gets it from a suitor. The app includes the ability to simply chat with other users, of course, but it’s not a problem to use the call or video call feature as well. You can easily set up how far the dating app should show the location of people on the map. We also programmed an administration application for our client, thanks to which he manages the system (purchases with loyalty points, blacklists of unsuitable users, etc.). We used Vue.js technology for the frontend and .NET 6 for the backend to develop both applications.


Warehouse management software

The new warehouse management software is designed as a desktop app with a simple user environment. Warehouse management is now really intuitive. Employees can use, for example, the auto order feature, easy reporting of individual shifts, goods, or setting discounts. First, we needed to create a new data structure that would allow for improvements. The products were divided into two warehouses. When moving a product to another warehouse, employees now only need to issue a transfer. We have also created a new module, which makes inventory much faster. Barcode scanner integration makes inventory and the receipt of new goods much smoother. All you have to do is read the product code on the scanner and the label can be printed directly. The application is also integrated with the printer. The application is also connected to the accounting software and the commercial register. As a result, invoices and credit memos are being sent to the accounting software automatically and customer data are updated after filling in the VAT number. The user rights administrator section allows you to set which employees can view or edit data in selected modules.


B2B Customer order portal

The B2B portal is connected to the company’s ERP, so it regularly updates product stocks and individual price lists for each corporate customer. The data is synhronized at regular intervals. There is also the option of immediate manual synchronization in the web application. Business customers can access orders in a more ways. There is a possibility of so-called employee packaging, where orders for protective equipment and other goods for individuals are created. Budget per employee option enables the user to see the budget after completing the order in the cart. The budget can then be monitored at the level of the entire company. Packaging also remembers users‘ preferences – such as the size of the t-shirt. When the order is finished, the data is sent directly to ERP, so the relevant employees can process it immediately. In addition, a quick order feature that works with a barcode scanner is available for PDAs. The private e-shop section offers an alternative way of ordering, in which customers do not order for individual employees but for the entire company. Companies can also use safety boxes – vending machines with products from which the application downloads data and then displays the stock status in the portal. Last but not least, customers can also use the consignment warehouse, and they can also view the stock status directly in the B2B portal environment. The application includes a number of other features, including refunds that customers can manage themselves. The administration section is important too. You can add and edit companies, company centers, machines, job positions or individual employees there. There is also a system admin section where the website can be translated into other languages, for example.


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