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Smart garden pumps

We created software for both the GSM module and the mobile app. The microchip in the pump transmits information about the water temperature, the environment, the flow rate, or the pressure to the phone. When connecting the app and the pump, it is necessary to go through a registration process, during which the eSIM must be activated. The pump has several modes. The simplest is the Manual mode. It operates when switched on via the app (or a button on the pump itself). Another option is the Schedule mode, where users can easily pre-set the run times of the pump. The Automatic mode works by pressurizing the pipe when the pump is switched on and then monitoring the pressure drop. If the pressure is too high, it will automatically switch off. Fourth and last is Smart mode, in which the pump detects when to run based on the data from its recent operation. It takes into account the normal schedule, the weather (water vapour from the ground after a rain) or whether the user has used the water outside the normal schedule. Our developers have previously created a mobile app for Einhell to control robotic lawn mowers. Now they have modified it so that the user can add a smart pump as well. The app is very easy to use, its design is clear and intuitive. During its development, our developers worked in the C# coding language and used the Xamarin framework, which allowed them to develop for both Android and iOS.


Remote Control of Robot Lawnmowers

We developed a mobile and web application for the client. The mobile app works as a complex tool for easy control of the mower, while the main purpose of the web application is the administration of accounts and devices. We created the mobile application using the Xamarin platform with .NET and C# technologies. Therefore, the created application was directly compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, which accelerated the completion of the entire project. The mobile application connects with the mower via a Bluetooth and the application data, whether it is the mower’s status, tasks, scheduling or statistics, is then synchronized with the server. When developing the web application, we worked with Vue.js technology for the frontend and .NET Core for the backend. The web application has a more sophisticated admin section. Of course, the owner of the mower has the main user account. Main user account can give the access with less user rights to other accounts. E.g. family members or service engineers. If the mower is sold the original owner’s access can be deleted.

Sdílení koloběžek

Car and Scooter Sharing Software

We developed a system that uses our own API, a server in the MS Azure cloud, an administration website, and most importantly a mobile app that allows easy sharing of scooters, choppers and cars through one account. Depending on the uploaded documents (e.g. driver’s license), it automatically extends permissions to motorcycles or cars. As a result, all vehicles for which the user has permissions are displayed in real time on the map. The system offers the possibility of booking, unlocking the device with a mobile phone and other advanced functionality that is essential for this type of service. For example, the user can view information about a particular asset (battery status, etc.) or trigger an audio signal to easily find the asset. They can also see the history of trips and payments. The app works both in end-customer mode and in the view for the employee who manages and recharges the shared devices. Employees can then enter tasks directly through the app.


IoT Based Smart Lock

We created a prototype device in the form of a lock, a web application for device management and an IoT server. Then we integrated ADUCID security technology into this platform, created user registration and login, and enabled the transfer of lock permissions to other users. The lock hardware is based on a system on an ESP32 chip equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, supplemented by a GSM SIMCOM modem, LCD display and powered by an integrated Li-Ion battery. It includes a colored light signal and a switching relay. The lock communicates with the created IoT server, which verifies access rights. To unlock the IoT lock, the user identifies himself using the PEIG application, specifically by reading the QR code displayed on the lock screen. The lock signals successful or unsuccessful unlocking with colored light. Webová aplikace využívá Vue.Js a Asp.Net, IoT server běží na .Net frameworku a aplikace zámečku je psaná v C++ s použitím technologie Arduino.


Smart IoT Devices Development

We have developed smart devices (so-called loggers) that collect and send data from around the world via GSM. Thanks to solar panels, we have achieved exceptional durability and self-sufficiency, while low weight allows for mounting small animals. We also created a firmware that makes our devices work, and finally, we have developed a reliable application that allows scientists to collect and evaluate all the data they need for their work.


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