Web Application for Contract Management

Data consistency


More efficient work


Hercules asked us to help them solve a problem with unorganized management of client orders. The existing method was disorganized and lacked a quality information system that would make everything easier.

Hercules rents out copyrights, so it is very important for them to keep track of their orders. Previously, its employees used Microsoft Excel to manage their data, but the program did not provide consistency and had many other shortcomings.

  • Data consistency
  • Notifications
  • Clearly categorized content
  • Increase of work efficiency


Our developers created a user-friendly web app that met the client’s requirements. Users now have a clear overview of the necessary data related to individual contracts. They also receive notifications when a contract is about to expire. That enables them to finish everything on time without forgetting important dates. When they click on a specific customer and select their specific brand, they will see a report with all the details and individual campaigns.

Overall, the app is very clear and easy to work with. Everything is divided into different sections, so each user can quickly find exactly what they need. When developing the backend, the developers worked with .NET Core and used Vue.js for the frontend.

Technologies used



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