B2B Customer order portal

Order process automation

Integration with corporate ERP

Sophisticated administration section


DEXIS is a leading B2B distributor of personal protective equipment. It operates in 13 countries. The key to successful cooperation between DEXIS and its corporate clients is fast delivery time and optimization of stocks. That is why DEXIS turned to us with a B2B portal project, where corporate customers would order products and gradually replace phone and other orders. The entire ordering process was supposed to be automated and accelerated.

  • Order process automation
  • Integration with corporate ERP
  • Different ways of ordering goods
  • Current overview of stocks
  • Sophisticated administration section



The B2B portal is connected to the company’s ERP, so it regularly updates product stocks and individual price lists for each corporate customer. The data is synhronized at regular intervals. There is also the option of immediate manual synchronization in the web application.

Business customers can access orders in a more ways. There is a possibility of so-called employee packaging, where orders for protective equipment and other goods for individuals are created. Budget per employee option enables the user to see the budget after completing the order in the cart. The budget can then be monitored at the level of the entire company. Packaging also remembers users‘ preferences – such as the size of the t-shirt. When the order is finished, the data is sent directly to ERP, so the relevant employees can process it immediately. In addition, a quick order feature that works with a barcode scanner is available for PDAs.

The private e-shop section offers an alternative way of ordering, in which customers do not order for individual employees but for the entire company. Companies can also use safety boxes – vending machines with products from which the application downloads data and then displays the stock status in the portal. Last but not least, customers can also use the consignment warehouse, and they can also view the stock status directly in the B2B portal environment.

The application includes a number of other features, including refunds that customers can manage themselves. The administration section is important too. You can add and edit companies, company centers, machines, job positions or individual employees there. There is also a system admin section where the website can be translated into other languages, for example.

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