Warehouse management software

Improved employees efficiency

Easy stock control

Integration with barcode scanners


CZsystem specializes in the sale of metallurgical materials. Before the company became interested in custom software development, they used a commercial warehouse management software. However, they started to face the limitations of a commercial software.

In the previous software, employees had to open individual product cards to check the stock. The discounts were on the card only in the form of text. The products that are physically divided into two warehouses had to be distinguished by the letters in the product code. It was a confusing solution and a possible complication when expanding to other warehouses.

The goal was to develop custom software for the client, which will work with the same data and features as the previous software, but will offer a more effective workflow and manage to keep pace with the company’s growth. This should significantly speed up the work and improve the user experience.

  • Easier stock control and inventory
  • Possibility to add new warehouses to the app
  • Improved empoyees efficiency
  • Integration with barcode scanners and third party apps
  • Individual setting of user rights



The new warehouse management software is designed as a desktop app with a simple user environment. Warehouse management is now really intuitive. Employees can use, for example, the auto order feature, easy reporting of individual shifts, goods, or setting discounts.

First, we needed to create a new data structure that would allow for improvements. The products were divided into two warehouses. When moving a product to another warehouse, employees now only need to issue a transfer. We have also created a new module, which makes inventory much faster.

Barcode scanner integration makes inventory and the receipt of new goods much smoother. All you have to do is read the product code on the scanner and the label can be printed directly. The application is also integrated with the printer.

The application is also connected to the accounting software and the commercial register. As a result, invoices and credit memos are being sent to the accounting software automatically and customer data are updated after filling in the VAT number.

The user rights administrator section allows you to set which employees can view or edit data in selected modules.

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