European presidency website

Robust security

Easy site management

Clean responsive design


The Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic asked us to develop a custom website for the Presidency of the European Union. The website is intended for both domestic and international audiences, it must represent the Czech Republic well and help with the coordination of guests. The client mainly required an emphasis on strong security, the option of translating all content into multiple languages and, of course, a nice looking responsive design.

  • Clear and user-friendly design
  • Multi-language translation capability
  • Easy administration
  • Superior security


The website we created was put to a big test right from the start. As expected, many hacking attempts were made as soon as the site was launched, but none of them were successful. This is thanks to the security measures and layers that protect the site against hackers. We monitor all attacks and the smooth operation of the site.


The project was consulted with the Chamber of Deputies Office team during the development and we gradually modified the look and functions of the site as the client honed their vision. The site is clean, organized and easy to navigate for visitors. This is also true for foreign visitors, who will find all the content in English and French. Anyone can read about what the Presidency entails, get the necessary contacts or check the dates and programme of upcoming events.


We used WordPress for the development of the site and made sure that it is easy to manage for our customers. We structured the administration in such a way that working with the website content is very simple and clear.



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