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OR Plus

Hobby Market Management Software

We followed a proven recipe that focuses on an early prototype that facilitates communication with the client and helps us to tweak the solution exactly to his needs. We took advantage of our ERP system experience, yet in this case the client didn’t need such a robust enterprise system. The new application consits of a warehouse module, a checkout system and an order management. We secured payment terminal licenses in order to provide all forms of payment – by card, by invoice or by cash. The system also includes inventory management, returns, shift check and easy recieving and handing out the goods. Our solution uses dedicated PDA devices that speed up handling, code printing and sales. The new system communicates with a remote weight and processes prices automatically. Comfortable reports and bookkeeping data exports are also included.


Call Center Management System

The CC3 web application is used by call center operators as well as LeasePlan employees, who also deal with car repair shops, insurance companies etc. Each user is assigned a role that determines the level of user permissions. Request processing is easier due to integration with other systems and a number of automatic actions, such as notifications related to individual tasks, recording of communication, or sending request emails to car repair shops. In addition to the service locator, the CC3 also communicates with the main vehicle registration system. Clients who need a replacement vehicle, a service or to resolve an insurance claim can be identified very quickly using the registration number and other data. The user interface of the application is based on the previous internal system. The transition to the new software was really easy for the users. The application is also open for further upgrades in the future. The main goal was achieved while meeting all the requirements – speeding up the application. The use of newer technologies, such as AJAX, plays a significant role in this. Thanks to asynchronous communication, the new application does not redraw the entire page, but only certain elements of the user interface.


Development of ETL Interfaces (Talend)

Two developers are assigned to the client and available every day. Their jobs and tasks are continuously driven by the client’s needs. Typically, they receive a specification of the source data, their target format and destination. Then the developers use Talend to transform the data and to move it where necessary. Working with Talend is faster and easier for both the client and our software team. Rimowa uses ten different database systems so the seamless data transfer is a must.

Peugeot, Citroën, Invenias

Migrating data to a new environment

With our help, you will find the implementation and transition from your existing information system to the new one easy. Thanks to our experts and their experience, we will plan and implement a fast and safe data migration for you. We can retrieve and understand the necessary data from the legacy system. We will then cleanse the acquired data of errors and any flaws, such as missing zip codes for your customer’s address. We also remove duplicate data and related inconsistencies. We ensure that no data is lost or corrupted when data is transformed between two systems, as any subsequent correction in the new information system can be very complicated.

Pernod Ricard

Synchronising Updates On WordPress

Developing a new module for news management on the website and integrating it directly into the internal system used on a daily basis. In this module, the user can quickly and easily create a new news item in both Czech and English and then publish it immediately on the website in the News section. This way, new data is instantly synchronized between the website and the internal system. There is no need to log in or even learn how to use WordPress. At the same time, this module provides automatic import of data from the internal system to WordPress. Thus, everything is done from one place that is familiar to the user.

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Switch from Microsoft Access

We have experts specialized in Microsoft Access platform and we can upgrade such applications. The upgrade can be handled in various ways and it can adjust to the budget of the client. In the case of Mercedes-Benz FS, we delivered an acceleration of queries and parts of the application by transferring to SQL Server (eg stored procedures, views etc.), leaving an existing frontend – transferring the entire application to the web interface.

DPD, LeasePlan, Latecoere

System Analysis And Support

It is in situations like this that we have a possible solution for your company. We are able and will be pleased to provide you with both an analysis of your existing solution and subsequent high-quality system support. System support is there to prevent problematic situations from occuring, and if they do occur, the goal is to minimize losses. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and a no-obligation consultation for a possible custom-made quote for your company.

Praline shop in Belgium

Support For Store Infrastructure

After the implementation of the application development, we focused on automatic monitoring of individual components, i.e. firewall, databases and application servers. In cases when a problem occurs, or often even before – e.g. processor load or unavailability of some service, we are informed about it and we immediately start with the correction.


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