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The sharing economy is a rapidly growing trend and its operation usually requires a precise technological background. The client was interested in a solution that would enable the provision of a sharing service for various urban transport assets. Primarily it was about scooters, their modified versions (so-called choppers) and also classic cars. The original plan was only to develop an application that would communicate with the delivered device, or its IoT module and server, but in the end it turned out to be more profitable to create a server part as well, at a much lower cost than it would cost from the supplier of scooters.

  • Assistance in designing the overall business model
  • User advanced and attractive application
  • Linking multiple modes of transport
  • Supply of complete software infrastructure
  • Use of IoT technologies and product enablement
  • Interactive map, reports and bookings
  • Modes for different user groups



We developed a system that uses our own API, a server in the MS Azure cloud, an administration website, and most importantly a mobile app that allows easy sharing of scooters, choppers and cars through one account. Depending on the uploaded documents (e.g. driver’s license), it automatically extends permissions to motorcycles or cars. As a result, all vehicles for which the user has permissions are displayed in real time on the map. The system offers the possibility of booking, unlocking the device with a mobile phone and other advanced functionality that is essential for this type of service.

For example, the user can view information about a particular asset (battery status, etc.) or trigger an audio signal to easily find the asset. They can also see the history of trips and payments. The app works both in end-customer mode and in the view for the employee who manages and recharges the shared devices. Employees can then enter tasks directly through the app.

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