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Everybody is talking about the Internet of Things but most companies have very little experience. Clients want to exploit its potential, revitalize their products or design new ones, but they often do not know where to start or how to proceed. Anitra is a good example. The start-up company was looking for the most efficient way to track the movement and biological functions of animals in the wild, and to analyze data clearly for the needs of ornithologists and other scientists.

  • Complete delivery of the entire IoT solution – from new hardware development to firmware to analytic application
  • We explained to the client advantages and limits of current technologies and developed the corresponding product and all the necessary software according to his requirements
  • Throughout the collaboration, the client was able to follow the process, consult the solution with experts and focus on his goal without having to worry about the development


We have developed smart devices (so-called loggers) that collect and send data from around the world via GSM. Thanks to solar panels, we have achieved exceptional durability and self-sufficiency, while low weight allows for mounting small animals. We also created a firmware that makes our devices work, and finally, we have developed a reliable application that allows scientists to collect and evaluate all the data they need for their work.

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