Remote Control of Robot Lawnmowers

Remote control using a mobile application

Planning and statistics

Administration of user accounts and individual devices


Garden equipment manufacturer and retailer Einhell was expanding its product range with robot lawn mowers and needed to develop a mobile application that would allow them to be controlled remotely. The solution should have also included an administration of individual devices.

Specific requirements included, for example, user rights, scheduling of individual actions and mower control in real time, display of the current status of the mower or detection of a possible error status of the mower and more.

  • The mower can be controlled remotely using a mobile application. The application allows the use of direct commands or detailed planning of working hours or division of the lawn into individual zones.
  • Controlling the mower using the mobile application is more easier and intuitive than using the buttons on the device itself. For example, a rain sensor or corner mowing can be activated with just one click.
  • Several mowers can be controlled at the same time under one user account. In the application, it is also possible to give permissions to control the mower to other user accounts, to perform a firmware update or to change a PIN code of the mower.
  • In the application, you can monitor mower statistics, such as distance and working time or work time of mower blades.


We developed a mobile and web application for the client. The mobile app works as a complex tool for easy control of the mower, while the main purpose of the web application is the administration of accounts and devices.

We created the mobile application using the Xamarin platform with .NET and C# technologies. Therefore, the created application was directly compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, which accelerated the completion of the entire project. The mobile application connects with the mower via a Bluetooth and the application data, whether it is the mower’s status, tasks, scheduling or statistics, is then synchronized with the server.

When developing the web application, we worked with Vue.js technology for the frontend and .NET Core for the backend. The web application has a more sophisticated admin section. Of course, the owner of the mower has the main user account. Main user account can give the access with less user rights to other accounts. E.g. family members or service engineers. If the mower is sold the original owner’s access can be deleted.

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