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LeasePlan is one of the world’s leading leasing companies. The company is providing services for drivers and corporate customers, whose requirements are handled by call center operators. The loading speed has to be swift to process requirements adequately and it was one of the top priorities of the client for the new CC3 system.

Years ago, we also created the previous CC2 system for the client and the user interface suited the call center operators. However, the increasing demands on the entire system could no longer be addressed by small tweaks and large changes would already result in a slowdown of the system.

Therefore, our goal was to create a new, faster system that allows integration with other business applications and keeps the existing user interface so that users do not have to re-learn everything.

  • Improved loading speed of the system and processing of client requests
  • Efficient workflow due to user roles, integration with other systems and automated actions
  • User interface designed according to previous system and company’s best practices
  • The software allows further expansions in the future



The CC3 web application is used by call center operators as well as LeasePlan employees, who also deal with car repair shops, insurance companies etc. Each user is assigned a role that determines the level of user permissions.

Request processing is easier due to integration with other systems and a number of automatic actions, such as notifications related to individual tasks, recording of communication, or sending request emails to car repair shops. In addition to the service locator, the CC3 also communicates with the main vehicle registration system. Clients who need a replacement vehicle, a service or to resolve an insurance claim can be identified very quickly using the registration number and other data.

The user interface of the application is based on the previous internal system. The transition to the new software was really easy for the users. The application is also open for further upgrades in the future.

The main goal was achieved while meeting all the requirements – speeding up the application. The use of newer technologies, such as AJAX, plays a significant role in this. Thanks to asynchronous communication, the new application does not redraw the entire page, but only certain elements of the user interface.

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