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Intuitive operation of measuring equipment

Live measurement previews

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Eldema manufactures HygroLab laboratory equipment for Rotronic, which is used by food manufacturers around the world to measure humidity (active water) and temperature of pharmaceutical products, tobacco, coffee, food and many more. The hardware solution from Eldema consists of measuring probes and its own device with an integrated Raspberry Pi4 computer and a touch screen. The goal was to develop an application for operating and evaluating measurements with a user interface for device and user settings.

  • Intuitive operation of measuring equipment
  • Performs up to 4 measurements simultaneously
  • Live measurement preview and the possibility of saving or sharing reports
  • Improved workflow with advanced administrator settings






Rotronic HygroLab users work in a web application environment, which can be also connected remotely via PC or tablet. Or they can connect a USB drive or external keyboard and mouse to the device for more convenient operation.

The application allows to operate up to 4 measurings simultaneously, either in standard mode or using the faster AW Quick measurement. The progress of the measurement can then be monitored in a live graph and all measurement results are stored for later analysis as documents. These can be forwarded in PDF or CSV format by email, saved to a USB drive or directly to a PC when connected remotely to the application.

An essential part of the application is the admin section with the settings of documents, the device itself and user rights. For fast work with documents, automatic naming of documents in the application as well as naming of files with documents is important.

We are also working on new app features. For example, on a new login option using Active Directory. This will allow companies to use their own user accounts. There will be no need to create new user accounts in the application.

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