Magazine Subscription Management Software

Bulk import and export of orders

Automatic stock status update

Shipment status update


SEND provides magazine distribution and subscription management to publishers. The company ships over a million copies of magazines each month. The orders come from many sources. In addition to direct subscription orders on the publisher’s website or the SEND website, partnership programs such as free gifts when ordering on an online store are common.

Just as orders come from multiple sources, shipments are made by several shipping companies. The main goal of development for our client was to create an efficient way to receive and dispatch orders.

  • Bulk import and export of orders
  • Easy overview and management of orders
  • Automatic stock status update
  • Shipment status update


The new web application automates a number of key processes of the subscription service. The collection of subscription orders is solved by API integration with external systems of client companies.

The application processes received orders and displays them in the user environment, where orders can be further managed or exported for carriers in CSV import files. The application then continuously obtains the status of the shipment from the delivery service and updates it. It is also connected to the warehouse management (Helios) and the system checks the stocks, which are regularly sent to FTP client publishers.

Although the core processes take place in the background and the user interface is used primarily for data viewing and bulk imports and exports, the application can edit individual orders if necessary.

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