Mobile App for Tourists

Interactive application for groups of tourists

Secure payment methods

Comprehensive admin interface


Mobile apps can connect the online and offline world. That was exactly the main goal in the development of an application for our client who represents a new, fun way of tourism in the Czech Republic.

The client has already managed to implement this concept in a form of book. However, the mobile application offers the possibility of interaction between users, which would be impossible in an offline environment. Unlike the book, the app can be supplemented with new tips for trips, travel challenges and other content. Therefore, the assignment also included the creation of an admin interface.

  • Creative and interactive app for tourists
  • Login with Facebook account or Apple ID
  • Secure payment methods GoPay and Apple Pay
  • The solution includes a web admin interface



We have developed a mobile application for the client, which can be easily logged in using a Facebook account or Apple ID.

The main content of the application are trips, which can be searched by region or directly on the interactive map. Trips include a description of the destination, transportation options, travel challenges, and public or private user reviews. User can rate the overall experience of the trip, difficulty, weather, expenses, and they can upload photos from the trip.

The mobile application is available for free, but all travel challenges and other hidden features are opened only to VIP users. The Adroid version uses the GoPay payment gateway for premium account subscriptions and the iOS application uses Apple Pay. The application does not work with users‘ payment details at all.

A web application is also important for the client. It is used to manage trips and other content (awards for completed challenges, photo competitions, etc.), administration of user accounts, setting up advertising in the application, or sending FMC notifications with demographic targeting.

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