CSS, known in English as cascading style sheets, is a basic technology used to present web pages. Over 95% of websites have been created using CSS. It allows users to define the appearance and selection of elements on a web page. It consists of selectors and declarations; selectors indicate HTML elements to be styled, and declarations specify how elements should be styled.

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Where have we used CSS?

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PSA Group/Emil Frey

Car Sales and Management Software

We created a web application which PSA Group employees can run on their laptop or use a responsive version on their tablets or telephones after they sign in. The original application lacked the necessary information. Since the customer wants to focus more on the sale of used cars, he needs a well-organized application with the current status, technical data, and availability.


Hospital Storage System

Three developers built the system while one of them was focusing on the mobile version. The application consists of three parts and requests from the web or mobile clients are processed in the back-end by a programmed API. Currently, all data is stored in the Microsoft cloud system. The new application is specifically designed for hospital staff and warehouse managers because drivers and other employees use a different system. We have installed the mobile version on handheld scanners that use the Android operating system. After scanning the barcode, the scanner connects to the warehouse database immediately and all important data are exchanged.


Production Management Software

We designed and developed a production management software that tracks every order from beginning to end. The application aggregates all data for each specific order online and allows for easy access. Workers, managers and even clients now have a better overview that is always up to date. The software works in multiple interconnected modules. Project Administration module presents all order information including status tracking, documentation, and history. In Samples module, users browse, specify their needs and request custom samples. Calculation functionality facilitates custom pricing and serves as an asset both for sales and production teams. The most important module is called Production and serves for planning and managing the manufacturing process.