Bootstrap is an open-source framework for developing responsive web applications. It offers an extensive collection of JavaScript plugins and CSS styles and contains a high number of all kinds of components that developers can customize to suit their needs.

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Call Center Management System

The CC3 web application is used by call center operators as well as LeasePlan employees, who also deal with car repair shops, insurance companies etc. Each user is assigned a role that determines the level of user permissions. Request processing is easier due to integration with other systems and a number of automatic actions, such as notifications related to individual tasks, recording of communication, or sending request emails to car repair shops. In addition to the service locator, the CC3 also communicates with the main vehicle registration system. Clients who need a replacement vehicle, a service or to resolve an insurance claim can be identified very quickly using the registration number and other data. The user interface of the application is based on the previous internal system. The transition to the new software was really easy for the users. The application is also open for further upgrades in the future. The main goal was achieved while meeting all the requirements – speeding up the application. The use of newer technologies, such as AJAX, plays a significant role in this. Thanks to asynchronous communication, the new application does not redraw the entire page, but only certain elements of the user interface.

Pernod Ricard

Marketing Application

Development of a web-based responsive application for the marketing department to edit information and media about products and drinks. Users can edit not only the textual details of products (such as description or name) in a clear hierarchy (brand, brand), but also upload photos and other marketing documents for download. There is also management of social links for individual products. All of this information is sent via a secure web service from an internal server and is available on the public website for processing.

Citroën Czech Republic

Billing Data Flows And Invoice Distribution

Programming of Microsoft SQL DTS database packages to import more than ten types of text and csv files containing invoice information. Individual invoices can be edited in the existing PES2 solution that we implemented and currently manage for over 9 years. We also implemented the creation of the invoices themselves into PDF files that were distributed to the individual Citroën dealerships (including DS). We created a repsonsive web application for distribution.