Production Management Software

Increased production efficiency

Better communication

Paperwork eliminated


A European GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) manufacturer Polycon wanted to improve their planning process, facilitate communication between sales, R&D and production teams, and provide a faster and better service to please the customer.

  • Entirely custom solution fits the company’s needs
  • Physical paperwork became history
  • Access to all information in one place
  • Production is now more efficient



We designed and developed a production management software that tracks every order from beginning to end. The application aggregates all data for each specific order online and allows for easy access.

Workers, managers and even clients now have a better overview that is always up to date. The software works in multiple interconnected modules.

Project Administration module presents all order information including status tracking, documentation, and history. In Samples module, users browse, specify their needs and request custom samples. Calculation functionality facilitates custom pricing and serves as an asset both for sales and production teams. The most important module is called Production and serves for planning and managing the manufacturing process.

Technologies used



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