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Business management software can make the users’ work easier and clearer. Our applications are always intuitive, clear and fully secured. Your employees will quickly and easily master the controls. You can manage communication, cash flow, planning and execution of orders and projects.

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The possibilities of enterprise software are almost limitless. In the application you get a clear tool that is a great benefit for employees, managers and company owners.


Project planning


Managerial analysis


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Business management software helps you with data analysis, project management, financial management, etc. For project planning, you can assign tasks, priorities and responsibilities to individual users. Management analysis allows you to control financial and time schedules. Your employees will have an overview of their tasks and predefined processes.

Our work

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Application And Support For A Call Centre

Simplification has been achieved by integrating several systems into one dashboard, which provides the operator with a comprehensive overview and thus speeds up the resolution of typical situations. The application also now offers statistics and reports. Both versions of the application (desktop and web) use only one code and their user interface is therefore generated in real time.


Insurance Calculator

We developed a desktop application for installation on insurance agents’ laptops with a user interface based on Windows Presentation Foundation.

Solar Turbines

Production Workflow Monitoring

We have developed a software that monitors the workflow of the production and full assembly of all components. The system monitors where, when, by who and for how long the components were assembled and whether they were inspected or returned to the previous workplace for repair. The system uses sixteen PDA barcode readers in respective mobile phones with the Android operating system and four industrial screens that display the current status at individual workplaces. The mobile application was created on the Xamarin platform, the server uses .NET Core and the website was created in Vue.js. Communication takes place via GSM and SIM cards are located both in the PDA itself and in the Raspberry Pi modules. If the device loses internet connection, the data is stored locally and synchronized when the connection is re-established.

PSA Group/Emil Frey

Car Sales and Management Software

We created a web application which PSA Group employees can run on their laptop or use a responsive version on their tablets or telephones after they sign in. The original application lacked the necessary information. Since the customer wants to focus more on the sale of used cars, he needs a well-organized application with the current status, technical data, and availability.

How is the application created?

We program customized web applications in cooperation with the end users who will use the application. We continuously test and fine-tune everything so that the application meets your requirements in the best possible way, builds on previously used applications and is beneficial, user-friendly and intuitive for users. Of course, we use modern procedures and technologies and secure all transmitted data.

Are you interested in how we usually proceed in more detail? Take a look at the individual steps of creating a customized web application.


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