Pest Monitoring Application

Economic and ecological benefits

Easy to use for both professional and laic users

Different levels of user permissions


The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague has opened a tender for the development of an application monitoring the occurrence of pests that damage green vegetation. The purpose of the application is to help organizations that manage green vegetation to eliminate unprofessional interventions.

Detailed knowledge of the occurrence of the pests in a particular locality makes it possible to significantly reduce use of chemicals or tree felling only to a narrowly defined place. In order for the application to help the relevant organizations, it must be able to obtain as much data as possible. Therefore, the client needed to develop an application to which both specialists and the general public can contribute. Records of newly discovered pests should be approved by a professionally qualified administrator.

  • Protection of greenery is more environmentally friendly and more economical thanks to the application
  • Features that enable effective involvement in pest monitoring for the general public
  • Different levels of Geoapplication user rights
  • Administration interface for managing records, pest databases, and users




We have developed a web and mobile application Treez for the CULS, while the primary purpose of the mobile app is to create new records of the occurrence of pests directly in the field. The basis of both applications is an interactive map and an atlas of pests.

When entering a new record, it is possible to simplify the identification of the pest using a photo, select the pest from the available atlas, identify the type of damage and the tree species. If the laic user does not recognize the tree species, he can use an interactive map, which works with a database of trees, and simply display the type of tree species in the given locality when entering the record.

For users who need to monitor the occurrence of pests, we have developed the web version of Geoapplication. The number of features available when working with it depends on the level of the user account. The Geoapplication map shows the occurrence of pests, but the exact location of specific records is displayed only to users with a premium account.

The last main functionality of the whole application is the administration interface, in which users with administrator rights approve or reject new records, or add a new pest to the atlas.

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