Application for streamlining PC assembly

Simple design


Automation of manual work

Challenge, an online electronics store, asked us to create a customized application to make the job of installing and testing computers easier. Its main purpose is to streamline the entire PC assembly process. Several companies were interested in this contract, but we were chosen in the tender and we definitely did not take the project lightly. 

  • Simple design
  • Automation of manual work
  • Creation of reports
  • Unique system


The application has a simple design, but the work it does is definitely not simple. Some of the features include automating the process of installing the necessary drivers, hardware testing, product license activation, and that’s not all. Once everything is done, a report is generated containing all the necessary information about the tested computer or any problems.   

In the application, employees have an overview of all orders from the PC configurator. They can find information about individual components and the progress of testing. The company already offers a PC configurator, which is a handy tool when ordering various computer components on the website. Each computer “created” in this way will be processed and tested by our application. 

Our developers worked with .NET Core during the back-end development and in the Vue.js framework during the front-end creation. Interestingly, you probably won’t find a similar system in the Czech Republic anywhere else, maybe not even in the world. 


Technologies used



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