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IT support without worries


Custom software development


Business intelligence

IT outsourcing helps you focus on what you do best. Arrange a free analysis of your IT with MEMOS Software specialists. We will design the optimal solution for you, making your IT environment efficient, reliably secure and always available.

Our experts specialize in custom software development, IoT solution development and the active use of business and artificial intelligence. If you want to know how custom software can help you and how we usually proceed, check out our recipe for a successful software project.

We provide complete IT administration

Which services do we offer?


Management of servers, networks and IT equipment


IT infrastructure design and implementation


Network and corporate data security


Supply of hardware and software


Cloud solutions and virtualization


Consulting and user support

Are you considering outsourcing your IT? You can choose a customized package of IT management services. We will take care of everything for you, from analysis, design and implementation to ensuring the smooth operation and development of your IT. Our priority is security, which we think about at every stage of the project. We can also prepare a quote for a new computer network based on your requirements. After commissioning, we set everything up and monitor it for the long term.

Software and IoT development

Want to know how the development of new technologies can help you? See examples of our developers' work.


Dispatching Software

We divided the raw data into 2 categories. The data for dashboard purposes for dispatchers is processed in real time, while the other data is only stored for later processing. We have also optimized the calculations from the databases for maximum speed to keep the visualized information as up-to-date as possible.


Mobile and web application for transport company

We developed a web-based application for the dispatch centre. The web app is user-friendly and easy to work with. Thanks to the integration with Google Maps, the location of all the vehicles is visible, so assigning drivers to customers is easier. It is not necessary to handle each order separately. Individual journeys can be merged and it is also possible to work with repeat or return journeys. Our developers worked with .NET for the backend and Vue.js for the frontend when developing this application. The mobile app is developed for drivers and assistants. They will find a list of rides for each day, and by clicking on a specific item they will find all the necessary information including the route. The app is available on Google Play. Xamarin was used to develop it.

Emil Frey

Shared Office System (Home Office Planner)

We have created a system that allows all employees to seamlessly book and use shared offices. After logging in, the users see an overview of their reservations, they can freely manage them and plan everything in advance. The interactive map of offices and garages shows which seats are vacant or occupied, so everyone can choose and book exactly the spaces they need. This applies to both workplaces and parking spaces. The application enables precise planning and displays free times and possible overlaps with colleagues during the reservation, so that there is never a conflict. Of course, there are free space filters and displays of workplace details after hovering the mouse. In addition, the home office planner allows users to book seats for their colleagues.

Solar Turbines

Production Workflow Monitoring

We have developed a software that monitors the workflow of the production and full assembly of all components. The system monitors where, when, by who and for how long the components were assembled and whether they were inspected or returned to the previous workplace for repair. The system uses sixteen PDA barcode readers in respective mobile phones with the Android operating system and four industrial screens that display the current status at individual workplaces. The mobile application was created on the Xamarin platform, the server uses .NET Core and the website was created in Vue.js. Communication takes place via GSM and SIM cards are located both in the PDA itself and in the Raspberry Pi modules. If the device loses internet connection, the data is stored locally and synchronized when the connection is re-established.


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