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The first question that will move you to the most accurate estimate of the final cost of software development is what type of application will you be developing? For example, developing a web app tends to be less expensive than developing a mobile app, especially if you’re developing both an Android and iOS app.

Then, of course, the price of the app is affected by the amount of features it will contain. If it is a large project with a variety of features, including AI or IoT involvement, integration with other apps, extensive admin section and so on, the price will be much higher than an app with basic features and static information.

Finally, the price of development is also influenced by the software provider itself. In addition to expertise and references, it is worth looking at whether the final price estimate is realistic. If you have a software idea and are interested in the price of implementation, you can contact us without obligation via the form below. We will be happy to discuss everything with you and prepare a free price estimate, which also takes into account the tuning of the application during development.

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Pest Monitoring Application

We have developed a web and mobile application Treez for the CULS, while the primary purpose of the mobile app is to create new records of the occurrence of pests directly in the field. The basis of both applications is an interactive map and an atlas of pests. When entering a new record, it is possible to simplify the identification of the pest using a photo, select the pest from the available atlas, identify the type of damage and the tree species. If the laic user does not recognize the tree species, he can use an interactive map, which works with a database of trees, and simply display the type of tree species in the given locality when entering the record. For users who need to monitor the occurrence of pests, we have developed the web version of Geoapplication. The number of features available when working with it depends on the level of the user account. The Geoapplication map shows the occurrence of pests, but the exact location of specific records is displayed only to users with a premium account. The last main functionality of the whole application is the administration interface, in which users with administrator rights approve or reject new records, or add a new pest to the atlas.


Mobile App for Tourists

We have developed a mobile application for the client, which can be easily logged in using a Facebook account or Apple ID. The main content of the application are trips, which can be searched by region or directly on the interactive map. Trips include a description of the destination, transportation options, travel challenges, and public or private user reviews. User can rate the overall experience of the trip, difficulty, weather, expenses, and they can upload photos from the trip. The mobile application is available for free, but all travel challenges and other hidden features are opened only to VIP users. The Adroid version uses the GoPay payment gateway for premium account subscriptions and the iOS application uses Apple Pay. The application does not work with users‘ payment details at all. A web application is also important for the client. It is used to manage trips and other content (awards for completed challenges, photo competitions, etc.), administration of user accounts, setting up advertising in the application, or sending FMC notifications with demographic targeting.

Emil Frey

Shared Office System (Home Office Planner)

We have created a system that allows all employees to seamlessly book and use shared offices. After logging in, the users see an overview of their reservations, they can freely manage them and plan everything in advance. The interactive map of offices and garages shows which seats are vacant or occupied, so everyone can choose and book exactly the spaces they need. This applies to both workplaces and parking spaces. The application enables precise planning and displays free times and possible overlaps with colleagues during the reservation, so that there is never a conflict. Of course, there are free space filters and displays of workplace details after hovering the mouse. In addition, the home office planner allows users to book seats for their colleagues.


Remote Control of Robot Lawnmowers

We developed a mobile and web application for the client. The mobile app works as a complex tool for easy control of the mower, while the main purpose of the web application is the administration of accounts and devices. We created the mobile application using the Xamarin platform with .NET and C# technologies. Therefore, the created application was directly compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, which accelerated the completion of the entire project. The mobile application connects with the mower via a Bluetooth and the application data, whether it is the mower’s status, tasks, scheduling or statistics, is then synchronized with the server. When developing the web application, we worked with Vue.js technology for the frontend and .NET Core for the backend. The web application has a more sophisticated admin section. Of course, the owner of the mower has the main user account. Main user account can give the access with less user rights to other accounts. E.g. family members or service engineers. If the mower is sold the original owner’s access can be deleted.

How is web development done?

We program customized websites in cooperation with the end users who will use them. We continuously test and adjust everything so that the website meets your requirements in the best possible way and is useful, user-friendly and intuitive for the users. Of course, we use modern procedures and technologies and secure all transmitted data.

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