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Software is absolutely essential these days. It makes everyday tasks easier and helps you work smart and efficiently. Whether you want to develop an app, a business system or anything else, we're happy to help.


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Software is a hugely broad term, it helps companies in all sorts of ways. You can improve and automate business processes. This saves you time and money.

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OR Plus

Hobby Market Management Software

We followed a proven recipe that focuses on an early prototype that facilitates communication with the client and helps us to tweak the solution exactly to his needs. We took advantage of our ERP system experience, yet in this case the client didn’t need such a robust enterprise system. The new application consits of a warehouse module, a checkout system and an order management. We secured payment terminal licenses in order to provide all forms of payment – by card, by invoice or by cash. The system also includes inventory management, returns, shift check and easy recieving and handing out the goods. Our solution uses dedicated PDA devices that speed up handling, code printing and sales. The new system communicates with a remote weight and processes prices automatically. Comfortable reports and bookkeeping data exports are also included.


Dispatching Software

We divided the raw data into 2 categories. The data for dashboard purposes for dispatchers is processed in real time, while the other data is only stored for later processing. We have also optimized the calculations from the databases for maximum speed to keep the visualized information as up-to-date as possible.

Platit AG

Cathode Testing Software

Cathode testing software connects to PLC computer to get the values from cathode testing devices. The software transform the results into readable form in the user interface of the PC application then. The whole design of the new application was focused on creating a new touch screen control feature. Along with the redesign, we also worked on converting the application to a newer .NET and C# (WPF) technology. The original software worked with CODESYS technology, which was first introduced in 1994 and is no longer widely used.


Production Management Software

We designed and developed a production management software that tracks every order from beginning to end. The application aggregates all data for each specific order online and allows for easy access. Workers, managers and even clients now have a better overview that is always up to date. The software works in multiple interconnected modules. Project Administration module presents all order information including status tracking, documentation, and history. In Samples module, users browse, specify their needs and request custom samples. Calculation functionality facilitates custom pricing and serves as an asset both for sales and production teams. The most important module is called Production and serves for planning and managing the manufacturing process.


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