Custom web applications development

We have been helping companies innovate since 2003.

Why a web application?

Web applications are a very popular solution nowadays. See why dozens of customers have chosen to develop them with us.


100% compatibility with all devices


Absolutely minimal computer requirements


Availability of the app anytime, anywhere

Web applications are accessible via a web browser on almost any device with an internet connection. Unlike mobile apps, which require downloads and installation, web apps work on any platform and do not require updates from the user. They are also very often cheaper to develop than mobile apps. If you’re considering whether to go the mobile or web app route, be sure to check out our comparison here.

Quality processing of web applications

If you want to offer more to your clients, we will be happy to help you with web application development.

The development of web applications is moving forward unstoppably. Many companies want to shorten the path to their clients and want their services to be easily accessible at any time. Quality web application development will ensure you 100% compatibility with all devices.

We have been developing software since 2003, so we already have our own proven recipe for a successful project. If you are interested in how we usually proceed in more detail, take a look at how custom web application development works.


What technologies do we use during development?

For back-end development we mainly use C# (.NET Core, ASP.NET), SQL Server, Mongo DB and PHP.

On the front-end we use JavaScript (Vue.js, TypeScript) and Bootstrap.

Our work

See how our solutions help companies.

Fox & Muse

Web dating app

Our developers developed the Fox & Muse web app. When registering, each user has to enter their passport or ID/driver’s license information, which allows the system to verify their identity. It will also check the user’s criminal record to prevent the registration of people who, for example, have been convicted of sexual harassment, thus guaranteeing the safety of other clients. The registration fee can easily be paid through the Stripe payment gateway, and this also applies to any other payments. In exchange for every dollar spent, the app then credits accounts with loyalty points, which can be further used to buy luxury lingerie for women, whether the lady buys it herself or gets it from a suitor. The app includes the ability to simply chat with other users, of course, but it’s not a problem to use the call or video call feature as well. You can easily set up how far the dating app should show the location of people on the map. We also programmed an administration application for our client, thanks to which he manages the system (purchases with loyalty points, blacklists of unsuitable users, etc.). We used Vue.js technology for the frontend and .NET 6 for the backend to develop both applications.


Mobile and web application for transport company

We developed a web-based application for the dispatch centre. The web app is user-friendly and easy to work with. Thanks to the integration with Google Maps, the location of all the vehicles is visible, so assigning drivers to customers is easier. It is not necessary to handle each order separately. Individual journeys can be merged and it is also possible to work with repeat or return journeys. Our developers worked with .NET for the backend and Vue.js for the frontend when developing this application. The mobile app is developed for drivers and assistants. They will find a list of rides for each day, and by clicking on a specific item they will find all the necessary information including the route. The app is available on Google Play. Xamarin was used to develop it.



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