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The business world is changing rapidly and the growing importance of digital technology can be seen at every turn. How can you tell if you're falling behind? Use our free IT analysis.

We often only realise the importance of technology in unusual situations. For example, in the current lockdown reality, which has been literally dominated by eshops, ordering systems, food and shopping delivery, telemedicine and other services that simplify our lives.

Similarly, processes can be automated in almost any business, and it is up to everyone to decide whether to use new technologies on the basis of urgent need or to take an active interest in innovation. The right IT can streamline processes, save resources and improve overall management and business results. And it costs nothing to check that everything is working as it should.

How to optimize your IT?

Clarity and efficient order management

Fortunately, paperwork has fallen out of fashion and companies are increasingly going digital. However, the potential of new technologies often remains unexploited and many people still spend a large part of their working hours searching through Excel spreadsheets, manually filling in data and other unnecessary steps.

Good software should ensure that you always have the information you need and can react flexibly in any situation. Companies usually appreciate the ease of scheduling production or services, managing them on an ongoing basis, and monitoring the execution of orders.

Automation and acceleration of processes

The added value of IT technology lies primarily in the autoamation and acceleration of business processes. Many tasks can be left to computers, even in companies that are not yet aware of this. Whether it is entering data into company systems, smooth workflow management, etc. The software thus reduces the burden on workers so that they can devote themselves to more skilled work. This increases productivity while reducing the room for human error.

Seamless communication

The need for modernisation has also affected communication in recent years. For a business to thrive, collaborations between all departments is necessary. Salespeople, managers, the production team – they all need to pull together.

But collaboration is not just a matter of emails and other communication channels. With cloud solutions and better connected applications, many delays, misunderstandings, lost files and other issues can be prevented. Properly designed software helps to share information and allows you to set permissions so that everyone always sees what they’re supposed to and has all the necessary instructions and documentation.

Application reliability and security

Last but not least, IT security needs to be addressed. With most communications taking place online, campany data being stored in online repositories and regulation becoming tighter, this is now a necessity. Also, errors in programs or their failures cause difficulties for companies and, in the worst case, high damage.

However, by carefully developing custom applications, testing and securing apps and the entire infrastructure, it is possible to eliminate problems before they occur.

Don’t know what to do? Use free IT analysis

It is easy to buy software and hardware, but unless you’re a real technology enthusiast, there is always the possibility that your system could work better. Only with expert analysis you achieve optimal results.

IT analysis can also help when you are not keeping up with orders, are overwhelmed by administration, or when communication in your company is lacking.

The IT analysis includes a list of recommendations, which you will receive together with a solution proposal and a cost estimate to give you a better idea. You can use the free IT analysis until the end of the year. Just email [email protected] or use the contact form.

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Author of the article:

Daniel Bohuslav

Daniel Bohuslav

Date of publication: 01.02.2021