Custom Warehouse Management System

We develop customized warehouse management systems (WMS)

Why choose a customized solution?

Custom warehouse system development enables process automation even in companies in very specific industries.


Increased work efficiency through automation of warehouse processes


Intuitive and clear operation in line with company practices and needs


Interconnectivity to other business applications and systems.


Maintenance and development of new functions of the system almost without limitations

Warehouse Management Software can save you a lot of time and take your business to the next level. Substandard off-the-shelf software leads companies to manually transcribe data, which opens up room for error. Just like with paper-based warehouse management. The shortcoming is usually missing important features or user fields for a specific type of data.

Functions of warehouse systems

We know how to set up a warehouse system to do the most work for you.


Stock management and inventory control


Quick order processing system


Connection to barcode scanners and other devices


Integrations with other company systems


Analyses and reports


Security of company data

When developing a warehouse system, you decide how robust the solution will be. In the software, you only work with the functions that you will actually use. This makes the operation as intuitive as possible and training employees to work with the system is easy.

The current trend in WMS systems is to link them to company accounting and other systems. Integration with barcode scanners and other physical devices is also a significant improvement. Receipt of new goods, inventory and other activities can thus be reduced by a number of manual steps.

We have a number of projects under our belt

See how our solutions help companies


Warehouse management software

The new warehouse management software is designed as a desktop app with a simple user environment. Warehouse management is now really intuitive. Employees can use, for example, the auto order feature, easy reporting of individual shifts, goods, or setting discounts. First, we needed to create a new data structure that would allow for improvements. The products were divided into two warehouses. When moving a product to another warehouse, employees now only need to issue a transfer. We have also created a new module, which makes inventory much faster. Barcode scanner integration makes inventory and the receipt of new goods much smoother. All you have to do is read the product code on the scanner and the label can be printed directly. The application is also integrated with the printer. The application is also connected to the accounting software and the commercial register. As a result, invoices and credit memos are being sent to the accounting software automatically and customer data are updated after filling in the VAT number. The user rights administrator section allows you to set which employees can view or edit data in selected modules.


Hospital Storage System

Three developers built the system while one of them was focusing on the mobile version. The application consists of three parts and requests from the web or mobile clients are processed in the back-end by a programmed API. Currently, all data is stored in the Microsoft cloud system. The new application is specifically designed for hospital staff and warehouse managers because drivers and other employees use a different system. We have installed the mobile version on handheld scanners that use the Android operating system. After scanning the barcode, the scanner connects to the warehouse database immediately and all important data are exchanged.

How is the application created?

We program customized warehouse systems in cooperation with the end users who will use the application. We continuously test and fine-tune everything so that the application best meets your requirements, builds on the applications you have used so far and is beneficial, user-friendly and intuitive for the user. Of course, we use modern procedures and technologies and secure all transmitted data.


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