Car sales and management software

Car sales and management software


Our long-time client, PSA Group, has addressed us about developing an application for Emil Frey Mobility company. This application will make it easier for employees to find what vehicles are available to them and make it easier for them to calculate the complete price, including the necessary service, certifications, and transportation. The assignment was quite general and in cooperation with the client, we gradually specified it. It was based on the design of the existing application and we added new elements and functionalities to it. We set up weekly meetings in order to make the cooperation more effective.



The result is a web application in English, which PSA Group employees can run on their laptop or use a responsive version on their tablets or telephones after they sign in. The original application lacked the necessary information. Since the customer wants to focus more on the sale of used cars, he needs a well-organised application with the current status, technical data, and availability. Surprisingly, the toughest thing for developers was unifying the time formats. Some countries use the US format, thanks to which the months and days are switched, therefore, it kept saying that there was an error in the database. Finally, the developers had to ignore the local set up and set the CZ format.


Customer benefit

  • A well organized and intuitive database of the used cars available at the branches all over Europe
  • A filter according to different technical parameters
  • Every employee can filter out the relevant information and save this set up for the next time they sign into the application
  • Calculate the final price of cars in different currencies
  • Export for automatic advertisement on used car servers
  • Automatically download the DEKRA protocols and pair them up with the vehicle
  • The possibility to reserve cars


Testing and consultations with the client took place throughout the entire development period. During these consultations, we discussed the new functionalities with the people, who use the application. We modified and further specified the assignment, making the application intuitive. Therefore, individual users are able to modify their profile so that they see the information they need.


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